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IMPORTANT UPDATE: After the release of two major articles regarding their abusive practices in 2011, they seem to have opted to remove entirely "Girls Academy" from their name, website, and literature. According to their newsletter, they continue to operate three homes: one for "troubled" boys, one for "troubled" girls, and one for "troubled" men. They now operate solely under the name, "New Beginnings Ministries" and have even gone so far as to discontinue their original website at and launch a whole new site:

New Beginnings in ABC News:

SIA: Survivors of Institutional Abuse:

HEAL's very thorough review of New Beginnings' Enrollment Agreement, Application, and Releases:

LOOK for the article "ESCAPE FROM MISSOURI" by Kathryn Joyce in the July 2011 issue of Mother Jones Magazine, available at most major bookstores and newsstands. 

In a series titled "In God's Name," Tampa Bay Times investigates abuse at unregulated religious facilities in Florida. (Please see full series.)