About us


This site contains survivor accounts (1999-present) collected from former detainees of The Rebekah Home for Girls (under the administration of Bill and Jennifer McNamara) from the 1999-2001 transitional period and of New Beginnings Girls Academy, an Independent Fundamental Baptist group home for "troubled" teenagers that - at the time of the creation of this blog - is still open and thriving.

Most of the accounts herein come from members of survivor groups and of child advocacy sites around the Internet. All are used with directly expressed permission. Our purpose here is to spread awareness of the true internal workings of New Beginnings and unregulated behavior modification facilities like it. We are interested in any and every available opportunity to tell our stories.

We can be found on Facebook under "NBGA: Proactive Survivors of New Beginnings Girls Academy." We are a group of 130+ members from Rebekah (1999-2001,) of New Beginnings (2001-present day,) and our advocates. The number of members is growing on a daily basis.  

The support group is a place for survivors, parents of survivors, and advocates  - a place to  tell our stories to those interested, to give and receive encouragement, and to spread awareness and information for causes dedicated to exposing the abuse that occurs at New Beginnings and similar places. It is comprised of people from diverse walks of life. Many come from different religious backgrounds, ranging from Christian to Buddhist to non-religious, and all receive the same respect while coming together for the same cause: striving to stop the abuse of children that is occurring daily behind closed doors.

We can be contacted directly at: NBGAsurvivors@groups.facebook.com